Wednesday, June 07, 2006

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Alla Blackwell-kustantamon populaarikulttuurisarjan toive saada Lost-sarjaa käsitteleviä philosophisia tekstejä.

Call for Abstracts "Lost and Philosophy"
The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series
Possible themes: Is "John Locke" John Locke?; Socrates and Sawyer on egoism; Hurley, Descartes, and Skepticism; Kate, Kant, and the value of good will; Would Aristotle see Jack as a man of virtue?; Prisoners' dilemma strategies among the islanders; Nietzsche, survival, and salvation; Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the noble savage; Jean-Paul Sartre's Other and The Others; Dharma, free will, and fate; Hobbes and the state of nature; The metaphysics of tropical polar bears; The ethics of deception, torture, incest, drug use, and experimentation on human subjects; The Lost women and feminism; Flashback selves: continuity or reinvention?; Foucault, power, and insanity; Aquinas and Rose on faith and reason; Lost numerology; Bootstrapping society: communitarianism vs. liberalism.

Contributor guidelines: 1. Abstract of paper (100-500 words). 2. CV or resume for each author and co-author. 3. Submission deadline for abstracts: July 10, 2006 4. Submission deadline for first drafts of accepted papers: October 10, 2006 5. Submission deadline for final papers: February 1, 2007. 6. Submissions should be sent by e-mail, with or without Word attachment to: Sharon Kaye, Associate Professor, John Carroll University (skaye a*


Veera said...

Kas, Blackwell on haistanut taas oivan markkinaraon...

heidi said...

sarjassa on ilmestynyt näköjään 20 osaa aikaisemmin:

Tuotteliasta porukkaa.